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The previous months have been particularly harried for me as I am preparing for my IEMA re-certification (a UK-based Environmental Engineering professional body) in October and using iBooks with my iPad2 has been extremely nifty where I store and read most of my sleep-inducing review ebooks. I won’t be conferring about the prohibitive unit cost and poor selection texts as far as my field is concerned as this deserve to be a future iMersal article.

Only Three “Qatar” eBooks per se

I was searching on recent electronic publications in my field and I endeavored to see if there were Environment-related Qatar-based publications in the iBooks store. As of the moment, there are none, though, it is particularly interesting to find Qatar-related ebooks. I typed in “Qatar” and it showed 10 books on sale (see screenshot on the right). Actually, there are only 9 as 1 of the ebooks is a duplicate. Three of these ebooks are actually about Qatar on various topics while the rest made mention of Qatar only or somehow associated to its particular subject matter.

Search "Qatar" results on iBooks store (As of 15 August 2011)

Qatar “Spy” Guide
I was particularly drawn on the Qatar A ”Spy” Guide ebook, for obvious reasons. Published by the International Business Publishing US, for US $ 49.99, I figured to check out the sample to see if this would, at least, appeal to my intellect similar to the impression it made on me for its name. As predicted the name has achieved its purpose in taking hold of one’s attention, ‘Qatar’ and ‘Spy’ jointly in a book title would absolutely amuse each one who has lived here in Qatar.

Qatar A "Spy" Guide on iBooks

Verbatim its description from the bookstore:

Strategic and practical info on government, national security, army, foreign and domestic politics, conflicts, relations with the US, international activity, economy, technology, mineral resources, culture, traditions, government and bus contacts.

Bus contacts? Interesting.

Anyway, this ebook needs serious corrections on its text, as apostrophe, maybe, is not available in its selected font. Even the fonts are not consistent. There are also repeated sentences. This could be acceptable if one is trying to stress a point but if used on the same page or using this practice to lengthen word count is precisely flimsy.

I am absolutely not the best writer in the world but we expect adroitness from the authors and more from the publishers. These are measly aesthetic-founded criticisms as my sample ebook were based on a 48-page sample (out of the 360 pages). Nonetheless, Qatar A “Spy” Guides, indeed, serves as a comprehensive reference for information on Qatar.

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