QMac is one of the newest Apple/Mac User Group worldwide, if not the youngest. We are still in the infancy stage, nevertheless, provide new and current members a lot of reasons in joining and enjoying membership privileges.


1. Get among knowledgeable friends!

Your Mac, or any Apple gadget, is the most versatile, easy to use computer available, but how can you explore its full potential? Yeah, we’ve got Google, we’ve got the web, they are just great for getting help, but not if you do not know where to start looking and you will just be browsing through several unnecessary websites that would just confuse you more or divert your attention – such a waste of time!


2. Monthly Meetings

Meet a lot of new friendly faces, or visit with old friends…there is nothing like the personal touch that even Facebook cannot provide. Not to mention, this is also more appealing for those who are not digging Facebook. Oh yea, there are some few folks around who are not part of the 500 million Facebook users.

QMac meet regularly every last Wednesday of each month at the Meeting Room, Clubhouse of the Beverly Hills Al Rayyan. The regular meeting is open to the public and free for those attending for the first time.


3. Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Okay, maybe you are an advanced user and do not want to waste your time with other novice during our Mac 101 sessions….then be part of our Special Interest Groups also known as SIGs. It is just as diverse as you want it to be. It really depends on your interests and skills – there is Digital Photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, Final Cut, etc. Who knows, you can be a leader, too, if you cannot find what you are looking for. Create your own SIG!

SIGs meet at separate times and locations, if necessary, from the general meeting and are open to current club members only.


4. Forums

Members are eligible to have an account on the QMac Forum, an online community of Qatar-centric Mac users who discuss all sorts of Mac-related and non-Mac related topics.


5. Qatar Buying Guide

This is also part of the Forums and iMersal where QMac members and volunteers will be going around Qatar for good deals on Apple products, Macs, etc. This is a special section of iMersal Magazine and also posted in the Forums.


6. Vendor Discounts

In addition to the public, Apple-related bargains sites on the web, QMac receives private notifications of limited-time/limited-quantity bargain pricing on Apple items, and we post these in our members-only Special Deals forum in the QMac Forum or sent in the private mailing list exclusively to QMac active and current members. Some of the recent deals include:

– Special pricing and discounts on O’Reilly books.
– Special pricing and discounts on Peachpit Press books.
– Special pricing and discounts on Macworld Magazine.


7. Workshops

Free workshops on various topics are held periodically at meetings. QMac also occasionally offers inexpensive workshops with qualified instructors that are always priced far below the cost for similar tutorials elsewhere.


8. Member Websites’ Links

All QMac members are eligible to have their websites linked to QMac’s Website. It may just increase your website traffic!


9. Swap Meet-Ups

This is part of QMac’s planned events for 2012. This is where members can sell their unwanted Mac or Apple items or other gadgets.


10. Social Activities: Quiz and Game Nights

This is a new event that QMac just recently started and turned out to be fun and loved by most of our members and even non-members. We are planning to hold it regularly every second week of the month. We’ve got exciting prizes and give aways!

The Game Nights (or afternoons) are for the younger members of the Club who enjoy online gaming and the like, nevertheless, it is still open for all members. It is usually held on Thursdays or Fridays.


11. A platform to show off skills

Most of the members are experts in some applications and are willing to share their knowledge through workshops or even blogging. QMac is a great medium in showing off your skills and talent!

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