Doha iMum
Ambassador and Founder

Diaa Amer
Co-Founder / Video Guru

“Power demand Respect.” Diaa has all these video ideas and execute them perfectly together with Bi. QMac’s Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Clint Eastwood rolled into one!

Macky Ocampo

Admits to be obsessive-compulsive and you can see it with his über-clean MacBook Pro as if it just came out from the box! Overflowing with ideas and just shares it – “whatsoever”.

Mohammad Al-Bilbaissy
Co-Founder / Photoshop Expert

Can you mix artistry with intelligence? Bi is the product. QMac’s Photoshop guy, engineer and actor. Don’t be surprised if you see him in Hollywood soon!

Maricel Colocado
Co-Founder / Chief Motivational Officer

The mystery girl yet cheerful, hopeless romantic and loves bringing joy to people around her, indeed that she offered everything when QMac was struggling for meeting venues. Believes “what goes around, comes around.”


Ryan Chittenden
Chief Presenter

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