Qatar Mac Users Group (QMac) is a volunteer-ran, non-profit organization and an offline community established by various Apple and Mac enthusiasts based in Qatar. We are a multi-national group with members ranging from hobbyists to professionals, kids to yuppies, housewives to engineers, expats and locals.


Qatar Mac Users Group has its roots from the Qatar Living on 9 July 2009 and was originally called Mac Users in Doha. It was just an online forum where ideas, information, and advice were exchanged.

The founder and Ambassador, Doha iMum, realized the importance of putting up a club to address the needs of new Mac and Apple users as well as those who are experts – offline (there are just a lot of Mac and Apple forums in the Web), when it reached more than 140 online members. Arriving only in June 2009 to Doha…she knew she had to have friends and setting-up the club is one avenue to meet people and enjoy her new Doha life.

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