Chuck Joiner on 30th March!

Chuck JoinerQMac’s third Regular Monthly Meeting will have it’s first guest, Chuck Joiner, as a presenter. He will be discussing about user groups which is quite interesting as QMac is a very young club and this is great for both the admin group of the club as well as for its members. As a young and new club, we need to hear it from folks like Chuck who has been there ever since this kind of user groups started.

For those who do not know him, here is a short information grabbed from his website.

Mr. Chuck Joiner is an active participant in the Apple space and beyond. With interviewing skills honed by a career in insurance investigation, negotiation and litigation management, and a passion for technology, Chuck delivers content that is curiosity-driven and designed to both entertain and inform. His productions include MacVoices, “The Talk of the Mac Community,” MacNotables, (“The Mac Experts You Want to Hear From” and The MacJury (“Truth, Justice and the Macintosh Way”).

Chuck is an outspoken advocate for Macintosh User Groups, serving as editor-in-chief of The MUG Center, the Internet’s most comprehensive resource for and about Mac User Groups, and the host of the on-hiatus User Group Report, the very first show about the MUG community.

Chuck’s credentials include almost five years as Chairman of the Apple User Group Advisory Board, Macworld Conference & Expo speaker, and seven- time User Group University faculty member. Do not be afraid to follow him on twitter!

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3 Responses to Chuck Joiner on 30th March!

  1. Doha iMum says:

    Oops, this is actually QMac’s second meeting only… the third meeting is slated on 27 April 2011…
    anyhow, we still enjoyed the meeting with Chuck Joiner and will write about it shortly…

  2. phedz plaza says:

    ilove mcbook

    • Doha iMum says:

      That’s great phedz plaza, hope to see you in one of our meetings very soon.. Later we are having our Iftar Meeting, you are welcome to join us! Check out our Facebook page for details… Cheers!

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