Choice of Apps for Ramadan

This is a stunted article to share my favorite apps especially for this holy month. I am an Arab originally from Egypt but was raised here in Doha. Some Muslim practices vary from region to region in the Middle East but these selections are truly handy whether you are from the Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, etc., as the fundamentals of the Islam faith are the same anywhere.

There are many mobile apps now available across different mobile platforms that will help in observing this holy month of Ramadan in true spirit. Muslims observing Ramadan can keep up with ancient traditions using high-tech offerings on their iPhones and iPads, including the iPray and iQuran apps that remind users of prayer times.

Such applications are especially popular outside Muslim countries, as mosques do not broadcast daily calls to prayer from external loudspeakers as we do over here.

1. Resala Ramadan by Yufid Inc.

Created to highlight key points about Ramadan virtues, things that are lawful and forbidden during Ramadan – and it is free!

2. Islamic Calendar by i4Islam

Also known as Hijiri calendar is a lunar calendar used to date events in many predominantly Muslim countries. Price: Free.

3. Quran Reader by Batoul Apps

Quran Reader lets you flip through and read the Quran the exact way you would a physical mus’har. Price US $ 2.99.

4. Ramadan Times by PakData

Perfect for the Retina graphics, it uses highly accurate method for calculation of sunrise, sunset and twilight – and still free!


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4 Responses to Choice of Apps for Ramadan

  1. نوكيا says:

    nice article, i like it

  2. Waleed says:

    Also there’s Al-Bayan Digital Calendar for apple iPads and iPhones

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