25 May 2011 Meeting: Share Your Fave Apps

The latest QMac Monthly Meet that was held on the 25th of May 2011 entitled “Share Your Fave Apps” has got to be my favorite of all. Why? Simply because each and everyone was able to participate and share his/her favorite third-party Mac application/software to the group, and everyone got to learn a lot more. And as a Mac user myself who loves experimenting and trying out the latest software available on-line, I am happy to share mine on that evening, too.

As the title indicates, let us see what are our most fave apps – those which are used by most members, and liked by many, too (in random order)…


1. Adium – a multi-account chat software, it collects all your other chat services’ data and puts them into one – so there is no more need to jump across into other apps. The interface is not much different from your typical chat service so there’s only minimal familiarization needed.

2. Evernote – the group’s most favorite note-taking app, it surely gets the job done. Evernote syncs all your notes across all your devices to which you have installed the app on (Mac, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, other devices, including the Web!). So no matter where you are or what device you are using, you have access to all your information at your fingertips. Aside from basic text notes, you can also attach images (including those taken directly from your cameraphone), web pages, and so much more.

3. TeamViewer – talk about remote desktop for everyone. TeamViewer is just about that. This nifty app works seamlessly across multiple platforms (desktop: Mac, Windows, etc. and mobile: iOS, Android, etc.). TeamViewer is the best (and free) solution to your need for tech support, or if you simply want to share files with your colleagues/classmates/group/friends/family members.

4. Firefox – look away from the old and boring web browsers from the past. This is probably the most versatile and fully-featured web browser of them all. Most Mac users make this their main browser aside from the stock/default Safari from Apple.

And here are some more from Mr. Jim Kulpa:

5. Quicksilver: This is a MUST HAVE. Free yourself from the mouse(trackpad). Quicksilver is an application launcher of sorts but is capable of doing so much more. Price:FREE http://www.blacktree.com/.

6. Dropbox: If you don’t know what this is you need to run(not walk) to your nearest browser and get it. Better than iDisk. Price:FREE www.getdropbox.com.


1. Flipboard: give life to your favorite RSS feeds

2. Angry Birds:everyone’s favorite game, needless to say (except for Doha iMum). Who doesn’t love it and have been addicted to Angry Birds (…still Doha iMum)? This game is so famous and fun to play with, be warned that you are most likely to get addicted to it. With this game, fun is unlimited, that the creators have to make a number of different versions of it from the Beta and original versions to the new and latest ones that becomes available to your device. So at what stage are you in now?

This is again to thank Mr. Jim Kulpa all the way down from Virginia and have not been to Doha yet but joined QMac in anticipation to his move in August of 2011, who have shared his fave apps via email through our very own Mr. Ryan Chittenden. QMac is truly happy to have him around. Plus with his experience in being a member of an Apple User group from his home town, I am sure we will be learning a lot from him and help QMac grow just like the other user groups all over the world.

An evening’s round of all our favorite apps (Mac/iOS, etc.) is not enough to cover all, or even half of them.  Those mentioned above are just some of the famous/commonly-used ones.  As more developers are making more in the already-crowded ocean of software applications both on-line and the Mac App Store/i

Bi sharing his fave app - TeamViewer

Tunes Store (for iOS), including that of competition: Android, etc., We’re all looking forward for more to come.  At the end of the day, its still the users and owners of these gadgets who are considered winner.

The guys who shared their fave apps

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